Dealing with Traffic Tickets in Ontario

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Published: 27th January 2011
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If you live in Ontario, you likely know that traffic tickets are a true hindrance to your driving record. Whether you are facing large charges like impaired driving or smaller charges like speeding or improper lane changes, you will need legal representation to help. This is because points traffic tickets can be a real burden, causing you high insurance rates and sometimes rates that become unaffordable. If you have too many points, you become such a liability that many insurance companies will drop you completely.

Furthermore, Ontario takes traffic tickets so seriously that too many demerits on your record can result in a revocation of your license and sometimes even jail time in addition to large fines. For these reasons, a legal representative will go to your Ontario provincial court locations and can help you on your behalf and fight to get your charges dropped or reduced to an agreeable charge that won’t be so tragic for your driving record. The following are some of the common traffic tickets that are issued with a brief explanation:

Speeding Tickets Ontario: If you have a speeding ticket, you will find that you can lose between 3 and 7 points from your license depending on how fast you are going. You will also be stuck with a high fine and can even receive a suspended license. Fighting your speeding tickets in Toronto or Ontario is important in order to reduce or drop the charge and save you both hassle and money. Long-term, you will save a great deal on insurance alone, not to mention the possibility of thousands of dollars in fines.

Careless Driving: One of the more serious types of traffic tickets in Ontario is careless driving. This is a broad charge defined as driving without the care, attention, or consideration that a reasonable person would use. Being convicted of this charge will result in six points against your license.

Driving While Suspended Ontario: Many people operate their vehicles without ever knowing they have been suspended. Suspensions occur with past due traffic tickets in Ontario in addition to 15 demerits or another serious conviction. Many times, notifications of suspension or a notification to appear in court or at a class to prevent suspension occurs through the mail and n ever gets seen. Even if you do not know you are suspended, in the eyes of the law, you are still guilty. Being convicted of this crime can result in a further suspension of 6 months, a requirement to enroll in a costly class, thousands of dollars in fines, and even jail time. A good legal representative can help you beat this type of charge.

Impaired Driving: This can include a DUI and is the most serious types of traffic violations resulting in a 1-3 year suspension, thousands of dollars in fines, a installment of a breathalyzer in your vehicle, and even jail time. A lawyer can help you try get these charges reduced and avoid these negative repercussions.

Stunt Driving: This includes speeding over 50 kg/h and performing unsafe and reckless actions. Jail time, hefty fines, suspensions, or at the very least 7 demerits may be issued against you if convicted of this crime.

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